Contribution Guide


This website is unique in that there is no content management system or traditional static site generator backing it! Instead, there is a Makefile that emulates the task of a static site generator using pandoc’s extensive format conversion and templating. Currently both .org and .md files have first-class support for content.



  1. Text editor with support for either Markdown or Org-mode files. Common recommendations include VS Code, vim, or emacs.
  2. Dependencies for building the website like libxslt or pandoc.
  3. Basic usage of Git.

Adding Content

  1. Fork the website repo and make a development branch to pull-request from later.
  2. Create a new .md or .org file in content/.
  3. For every content file, include a header with a title, date, and author. Samples are provided below.
    author: Neko
    date: February 2nd, 2024
    title: Contribution Guide
    #+TITLE: Contributing to this website.
    #+DATE: <2023-01-02 Mon>
    #+AUTHOR: Soham S Gumaste
  4. Write out your content. You can reference other content files with a link (so a file like content/ would be referenced as a.html in your hyperlink). If you have static content, make a folder with the name of your content file and reference them from static/<name of your content file>/<static file>. Put your static content in the static/ folder with the equivalent folder structure.
  5. Build the website by using make. The default all rule builds the entire site. You can then view your added content by opening a browser on public/index.html. You can use make clean aswell to clean all build artifacts.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the look of your contribution, push and submit a pull request!


All content on the LUG @ UIC site is under the MIT license. You agree to make any content contributed to the website available under the same license. LUG reserves the right to change the license of the website at any time, though in practice it’ll probably never happen…

February 2nd, 2024