Contributing to this website.

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This website uses GNU Emacs and org-mode to manage content. Org mode files (.org) are converted to HTML files (.html) by Emacs. It is surprisingly easy to contribute to this website.


  1. Get a text editing environment with support for org mode. Options include the obvious GNU Emacs but also VS Code with an extension or Vim by committing heresy.
  2. Be familiar with Git.


  1. Clone the GitHub repo.
  2. In the content/ folder, create a file with a sensible name (in a new branch).
  3. Add the following as a header of the file.

    #+TITLE: <Page Title>
    #+DATE: <YYYY-MM-DD>
    #+AUTHOR: Your Full Name
  4. Write out your contribution article in normal org-mode syntax.
  5. Test changes locally by running ./ The results are in the public/ folder.
  6. Push and create a Pull Request!


By contributing, you agree to release your work under the same license as the entire project. This project is licensed MIT and may be changed by the LUG Administration with or without notice.

Date: 2023-01-02 Mon 00:00

Created: 2023-06-03 Sat 19:01

Emacs 27.1 (Org mode 9.3)