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Laser Tag System

Contact/Code Source

Slack Link: Build
Github Link: LaserTag
Drive Folder: Lug_Build

Persons Involved

Project Leads

Position Name Email
Project Oversight: Bennett Maciorowski (LUG Alumni Advisor)
Project Lead/Manager: Zhongyi Chen


Name Email
Mohammed Rashad
Anthony Venturella
Alex Woo
Frederick Dempsey
Jaden Mossman
Frank Li
Akash Pillai
Shirley Li
Julianne Pabona
Jeff Guo

Project Structure



Hardware Documentation

Back End Documentation

Meeting Notes

Meeting 1 [10/22/2018]

Blaster requirements
• Require reload after 9 shots
• Connect to vest or whatever target the user will wear
• Shut down blaster based on signal
• Audio or visual display of reload requirement or disabled
• Ability to send score to server
Wearable target requirements
• When shot light up and send signal to blaster and server
Server/display requirements
• Keep track of players and their scores
• Keep track of shots fired and shots that hit (accuracy)
• Create display for active games and display score and stats

Meeting 2 [11/12/2018]

• Determined needed to increase organization and planning
• Need to investigate Lenses to increase range on infra red LEDs

Meeting 3 [11/20/2018]

Blaster planned first prototype features
• IR LED - attempt to supply it the maximum current to test farthest range
• Button - basic button for activating LED
• Ammo Tracker - use SMD LEDs + engraved clear acrylic to represent rounds
• Microcontroller - Esp8266 (ESP-12E board)
Microcontroller details
• Esp8266 functions the same way as Arduino; program it using the Arduino IDE
• Awesome Capabilities: Connect to wifi, create an access point, run as a server, run as a client
• Super cheap: costs under $3 each on Aliexpress; you all should try to get one

Meeting 4 [11/27/2018]

Project Updates:

  • Circuit board for ammo tracker completed

Meeting Notes:

  • Discussed prototype components again
    • New component: shift register
    • SMD LED colors: red, green, blue, yellow
  • Plan for guns and number of guns
    • Pistols and rifles; separate ammo count each
    • Enough guns for 5 v 5 (10 guns)
  • Demonstrations:
    • Using a shift register to control LEDs
    • Esp8266 running as a webserver
    • IR receiver taking remote control IR signals as input
  • Plan on doing some sort of fundraiser if more funds are needed

New tasks:

  • Planned: use convex lens for IR LED; try 3D printing them or buying
  • Testing: figure out how to use a transistor to supply IR LED with ~40ma
  • Testing: experiment more with IR LED on sending and receiving signals

LaserTag Team Meeting 1 [9/13/2019]

  • Welcomed new members
    • Discussed software used
    • Discussed meeting times: team & sub-teams
      • Monday: 11:00AM - 12:00PM [CAD]
      • Tuesday: 5:00PM - 6:00PM [Circuitry]
      • Wednesday: 12:00PM - 1:00PM [Arduino]
      • Friday: 5:00PM - 6:00PM [Team, ServerDev]

LaserTag Team Meeting 2 [9/20/2019]

  • NodeJS Tutorial:
    • Install software
    • Http/Websocket server example
    • Github intro

LaserTag Team Meeting 3 [9/27/2019]

  • Github/Git Tutorial:
    • Git commands
    • Github projects
    • Branch management
  • Lasertag Guidelines
    • Github projects for tracking progress
    • New branch for each new issue/task
    • Review and merge branches

LaserTag Team Meeting 4 [10/4/2019]

  • Arduino/ESP8266 Tutorial
    • Selecting boards
    • Uploading code
    • Examples: button press, PWM, websockets
  • LaserTag Progress
    • CAD group
      • Basic frame for blaster prototype established, still work in progress
      • Using temporary dimensions for now

LaserTag Team Meeting 5 [10/11/2019]

  • Many people absent, new tasks pushed to next Friday
  • Discussed how to start wifi access point using Arch Linux, other distributions work too
  • Establish connection between microcontroller and server using access point

LaserTag Team Meeting 6 [10/18/2019]

  • Went over once again the things covered last week
  • Introduce the tasks to the first implementation project
    • CAD: Determine measurements/store into variables; prepare the design for first prototype
    • Circuitry: Create the main board where the microcontroller will be mounted
    • Arduino: Send IR signals using ESP8266; connect ESP8266 to server using websockets

LaserTag Team Meeting 7 [10/25/2019]

  • Microcontroller circuit board created and milled; can now start attaching components together
  • Moved incomplete issues to the second implementation project
  • Spent the remainder of the day figuring out how to send IR signals from ESP8266

LaserTag Team Meeting 8 [11/1/2019]

  • Introduce new issues for implementation 3 project
    • Circuitry: Create battery contacts
    • Arduino: Incorporate Websockets and IR signal sending to one program
    • All tasks for prototype one created; likely have no more new tasks/issues
  • Tried working on Arduino code, couldn't get much done cause microcontroller was not outputting to serial monitor

LaserTag Team Meeting 9 [11/15/2019]

  • Nearing first prototype completion; no new tasks
  • Experimented with wiring to confirm that circuit works; was able to send signal from across a room
  • All that's left is the enclosure

LaserTag Team Meeting 10 [01/21/2020]

  • Discussed various use cases of system to better understand requirements on IR protocol and server
requirement type (HW/IR/SW) User story Potential implementation Idea
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