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Cyber Security

{Pre-activity Meeting with former group president} 09/25/2019

 Discussed previous activities before the group was inactive:
   * Bug Bounties
   * Sniffing Packets
   * Network Engineering
   * Playing with malware
   * Keylogging
   * Capture The Flag competitions - google CTF
   * root certificates
   * Generally an interest run group

{First meeting} 01/30/2020 cybersec_pp.pdf

 General introduction of members
 Welcome slide was presented, advice on how to run group by former president.
 Activities to consider:
   * Cyber Force Competition - Nationwide
   * Def Con convention
   * Wireshark 
   * highjack radio frequencies
   * comptia network A+
 Homework: Look up basic information on networks and how they work.

{Second meeting} 02/20/2020

 Went over the basics of network components:
   * Routers/Switch
   * Access Point
   * MODEM
   * Server
   * The Cloud
   * Internal vs external networks and further branching
 Had a talk with a senior in LUG/ACM office, talked about working of:
   * Ports
   * VPN
   * Proxy
   * LAN vs WAN
   * Static vs Dynamic IPs
   * Router to router connection programs
   * schematics of routers containing IP addresses
   * Origins of IP from IPv4 to IPv6
 Homework: Set up a virtual network in ACM/LUG office

{Third meeting} 09/14/2020

 First meeting for Fall 2020:
   * Introductions
   * Suggested activities + Readings
 Homework: Read up on provided books - Dummies( 2 chapters) & Set books( SQL and Linux 2-3 chapters)

cybersecurity_for_dummies._palo_alto_networks_edition_by_miller_l.c._z-lib.org_.pdf computer_programming_and_cyber_security_for_beginners_this_book_includes_python_machine_learning_sql_linux_hacking_with_kali_linux_ethical_hacking._coding_and_cybersecurity_fundamentals_by_zach_co_z-lib.org_.ep.pdf

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