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Tamiya Bot


pins located at: /sys/class/gpio

Initialize/Remove a gpio connection:

  • echo <pin number> into “/sys/class/gpio/export” to create a gpio connection with pin <pin numebr>.
  • echo <pin number> into “/sys/class/gpio/unexport” to remove an existing connection

Using a gpio connection:

  • echo (“in”|“out”) into “/sys/class/gpio/gpio<pin number>/direction” to specify the mode of writing or reading.
  • echo (“1”|“0”) into “/sys/class/gpio/gpio<pin number>/value” to turn (on|off) a port

Test 1:

  • Raspberry Pi + Arduino, GPIO test light blink

  • arduino hookup

  • rasberry hookup

Test 2: SoftwareSerial to ttyAMA0. Here is the code.

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Arduino



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