About LUG HackaJam 2013


You have 12 hours to create an awesome video game.     

     One rule: Your game must last only 30 seconds!

Ranked by panel of judges, your game will be put to the test! ;-)     

Sound Interesting? Register here!: http://goo.gl/ZDiUXW

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When & Where?

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The HackaJam will take place on Saturday, November 23, 2013 from 10AM to 10PM in the Science & Engineering Laboratories East (SELE) 2260.

The event will be located at 950 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60607.  (The building on the corner of Taylor & Halsted Street.)

For directions to our location from any classroom on east campus, please use the UMPF.


You may be wondering by now, what can I win?

Well.... We don't want it to be too easy to figure out. You'll find hints of the prizes around the website. Start Searchin'!


The Linux Users Group(LUG) is a student organization at the University of Illinois at Chicago(UIC). LUG is filled with individuals interested in linux, unix, and byproducts.

SIG Game is a Special Interest Group(SIG) under the Association for Computing Machinery(ACM) at UIC. They primarily focus on making video games with tools such as Unity and OpenGL(C++).